Top 5 best yoga equipment

Yoga wheel

Top 5 best yoga equipment


Yoga Wheel is a great way to help you expand your stretch limits safely. This ingenious device is specially designed to protect your spine and help you release muscle tension from the most difficult areas of your body. 

Yoga mat

Top 5 best yoga equipment


Extra long and extra thick yoga mat which is very comfortable for both hand and feet. This is very useful when you want to do yoga at home and you want to do some exercises on a very soft and comfort mat. 

Yoga block

Top 5 best yoga equipment


This is ideal for yoga for beginners looking to work on flexibility. The block can be used on any side to provide the perfect height for you. 

This is very easy to clean, you can simply wipe down the block with water or if you need more of a clean use a mixture of soap and water. 

Yoga bolster

Top 5 best yoga equipment


 You can use yoga bolsters in place of a stack of blankets to make seated and forward bending poses more comfortable. You can place them under your knees or your back when reclining for support and passive stretching.

Yoga strap

Top 5 best yoga equipment


Yoga strap is a very good tool to stretch.

  This is particularly useful for poses where you need to hold onto your feet but cannot reach them. Yoga straps are designed to increase your flexibility.

Yoga wheel (exclusive)